Shopping at Wal-Mart is Dangerous

Normally Wal-Mart stores are only dangerous on Black Friday, when they are selling 60” televisions for one hundred bucks and only have two per store. Then there’s stuff like this. An unnamed man was shopping on a Monday night at a Portsmouth, VA Wal-Mart when an attacker came up and stabbed the shit out of him. He survived the incident, but is in critical condition with multiple stab wounds. Apparently, the stabbing was related to a past incident between the suspect and a family member of the stabee.

A guy named Chris saw the victim laying there in a pool of blood and went after the attacker despite pleas from the terrified Wal-Mart security guards. He smashed the alleged stabber with a barstool, then some other vigilante shoppers held the knife wielder down until the police arrived. The cops arrested the suspect, who also was carrying enough drugs to warrant a charge of possession with intent to distribute.