Jackass was a funny concept at first, but then bros started taking shit too far. With the advent of YouTube, every shithead with the ability to make a video can put up some footage of them doing something really dumb… and dangerous.

The Skedding channel on YouTube embodies this new type of idiot. These guys “do stunts, pranks, and pain videos because we are fucking crazy.” I’d substitute crazy for morons, but that’s because I’d rather go to a bar with my friends, than smash them with rocks.

In this video we see Austin pushed over a chair and into a rock by Jordan. He smashes his face hard enough to need six stitches to close the wound. Since these guys are “fucking crazy,” you know some revenge is coming. They put Jordan in a shock collar and zap him repeatedly, while they talk shit to him and at one point make him dance to dubstep.