Skywalker Ranch Revenge

Just north of San Francisco lies Marin County, a wealthy area where the average income of a family rose as over $100,000 for a family in 2007--that’s more than half of the US average. The area boasts a Frank Lloyd Wright designed civic center, a beautiful redwood forest, and also is home to George Lucas’ Skywalker Ranch. Lucas started building the production company in 1978 on a massive 6,100-acre lot. 

The community grew to embrace Lucas no matter how many Star Wars stalkers appeared, until he wanted to build a massive digital production studio. Suddenly, Marin county turned on Lucas saying that the massive complex would compromise the environment and  that, “our dark starry skies would be destroyed.” Lucas realized that building the studio was going to be a massive struggle and instead came up with a different plan. He decided that the nicest thing he could do for the fine people of Marin, was to welcome everyone: so he did. After scrapping the studio idea, Lucas proposed a plan to build low income housing and of course the locals flipped out, some even worried about their safety and comparing the new dynamic to that of Syria. 

Maybe the threat of “drugs and crime” being brought into the community via low income housing would hold some water if a household making $88,000 didn’t qualify in Marin County. Instead, they just sound like some cry babies and to make matters worse, real estate experts believe the initial plan for the studio would have only raised property value. 

Carl Fricke, a Lucas Valley board member, said that one letter even said, ‘You guys are going to get what you deserve.” Lucas claims he only wants to help the community, so it looks like he’s OK with it.