Stabbed For a Tab


Two alleged gang members in Cholavaram, India swore revenge against a bartender who simply wanted them to pay their tab. The town that was once known for car and motorcycle racing made headlines when a bartender was killed after a vicious attack Monday September 3rd, 2012.

The night before patrons Vindoh and Mani were asked by the manager to pay their tab. They refused, were kicked out, but not before promising to return and get revenge.

True to their word, they returned the next night with four other men as the bar was closing, cornered the manager, and attacked him. The manager was left in a pool of blood after suffering several stab wounds that proved to be fatal.

Both Mani and Vinoth were arrested and there were several eyewitnesses to the crime. Mani already has one attempted murder case against him. Apparently the bartender wasn’t a saint either, as police revealed he had two pending murder cases against him as well from 2007 and 2010.