Sticking it to The Man

Ants aren’t just really annoying creatures, they’re pretty mean too. It’s common in the ant community for the Protomognathus americanus enslave other species, like the poor Temnothorax longispinosus worker ants. Once they’re forced into slavery, they have to care for the entire brood, feed everyone, and fight off intruders—it’s messed up. The whole set up is pretty brutal, the masters come in, kill the worker’s parents, and then force them to do everything for them.

Professor Dr Susanne Foitzik knows all about the ant world, as she’s a professional ant researcher. Susanne has been watching ants for a long time, and in 2009 made some discoveries about ant behavior that made more sense of the lopsided class war. Early on, ant larvae look pretty similar. Worker ants are stuck taking care of their master’s shitty larvae—and they’re over it. Once the larvae mature it becomes obvious to the workers that they aren’t related… so they kill them. Susanne’s studies show that only 45 percent of the babies survive. That’s enough to keep the slave game going unfortunately for the workers, but it’s still a solid “fuck you” to the man.