Stunning Work by the Police

Sure the cops in the UK don’t carry guns, but they do have tasers and they are being accused of being a little trigger happy lately. Their most recent blunder is a pretty big deal as an unnamed officer shot a stun gun at an innocent 61-year-old... who was blind and had suffered two strokes before. 

Colin Farmer was taking a stroll with his cane to meet friends in Chorley, Lancashire. As he was on his stroll to the pub, police were looking for a random guy walking around with a Samurai sword. When the unnamed cop saw the 61-year-old strolling around swinging his cane (he’s blind remember?) he ordered him to stop. Problem is Colin is blind, and really didn’t think the cop was talking to him. The policeman fired his Taser at him and cuffed Colin as he lay face first on the ground. 

Colin wasn’t just shot with a stungun and cuffed up, the cop made sure he properly restrained this highly dangerous blind guy, “I told him he was hurting me but he wasn’t listening” Colin said, “He used such force when he put the handcuffs on that he broke a small bracelet which was a family heirloom belonging to my grandfather.” Needless to say, Colin is suing the shit out of the police department.