The Internet Is About to Get A Lot Scarier

Hunter Moore is a master of online revenge. He created Is Anyone Up, a site where people are encouraged to post nudes of their exes. Is Anyone Up became popular very quickly, and people started posting anything they could—even their real names and personal info--to shame their exes. Hunter watched the chaos unfold while laughing his ass off, but the fun came to an end quickly when lawsuits and death threats started becoming an everyday thing. The FBI was allegedly investigating him, and someone even stabbed him for being on his site.

This past April he sold the site to a guy who turned it into an anti-bullying forum--a transaction that he says was all about money, not a change of heart. Hunter is far from done with revenge and internet sketchiness. His new site is set to launch in October, and promises to be—in his own words—“the scariest thing on the internet.”

When asked what was so frightening about the site, Hunter replied, ““Basically you’re going to be able to get your dick sucked 10 times faster than, Okcupid or Craigslist. It’s going to be super scary.”