The Naked Truth

When Gino DiFonzo felt that the cops in Palm Beach County were treating him unfairly, he dished out his own revenge and wasn’t remotely shy about it. “Cops are pigs and these photos prove it,” DiFonzo told Gossip Extra. “They are corrupt pieces of shit.”

Just two years ago, the hotheaded former bartender found himself facing charges after getting into a fight with a retired TV weatherman named Bob Nichols. Gino pleaded not guilty and all charges were dropped, avoiding assault and battery charges, but keeping the chip on his shoulder intact. Earlier this year, when police came by his house to investigate a dispute made by an elderly woman in his neighborhood he was less than cooperative or complimentary.

Unfortunately for the police department and several key members of the community, Gino has some snapshots that he presented to a local website that have now gone viral. The pictures show Major Robert VanReeth, his then 17-year-old son, nephew, and two police officers posing and groping a super naked girl at an invitation only golf tournament.

For the time being Gino can revel in the shit-storm he’s caused. The Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office issued a statement saying that while it’s unfortunately that Gino is circulating the sketchy pictures, he’ll be treated “fairly and professionally.”