U Mad Brady?

Maybe it’s the “Curse of Giselle” or the natural decline of a 35-year-old quarterback, but there’s Tom Brady’s been blowing it a whole lot lately. From bad hair decisions and Ugg endorsements to getting shot at and proving he’s the world’s worst dancer, the former New England legend is now just a very good quarterback... and total dork.

Brady’s Patriots have already racked up three losses in the young 2012 season--two by one point--and things got worse after an already embarrassing defeat in Seattle in week six. Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman and Brady were talking trash back-and-forth all game, with Brady saying, “Talk to me after the game when we win.” 

Though the Pats lead the entire game, they blew a 13 point lead with less than eight minutes left in the game, and Richard made sure to find Brady to gloat. Later Richard tweeted a picture of himself calling out Brady post game with the caption, “U mad bro?” added to it. The tweet was later deleted, but the loss and embarrassment still stands.