Vengeance is Robert's

Robert Sanfilippo is one of those dads who takes youth sports too seriously. You know the type who screams at opposing players, referees, and of course their own kid—yeah that’s Rob. He wasn’t happy when his 11-year-old boy sucked at youth baseball, so he set out to assemble a super-team—of 10 and 11-year-olds-- appropriately named the Vengeance.

He outfitted the team, constructed of players he recruited and poached from other teams, in expensive helmets bearing a skull and cross bone logo, along with top of the line equipment and uniforms. It’s said that he spent over $50,000 on the Vengeance.

Unfortunately for Rob, but not surprisingly, he took things much further than just assembling a psycho revenge team of pre-teens. He’s been arrested for allegedly stalking and threatening an opposing coach after the Vengeance failed to perform.