Yes, We're Live Liam

Revenge movie Taken 2 “won” the box office battle last weekend, grossing roughly 50 million dollars, but Liam Neeson lost big during an appearance on SportsCenter. Liam simply had to go on the show, pretend to like the New York Jets and hype up his movie. Sounds pretty simple for a major motion picture actor, but Liam forgot it was live television.

From the very first question, Liam was blowing it. He dropped an “Oh Shit!” on the air when the host told him they were live and couldn’t start over, and that was just the start of the train wreck. He went on to admit that he had only been to two football games in his life, and didn’t really even understand what the fuck was going on. He made things even worse by saying, “You are speaking ancient Arabic to me buddy. I swear to you. I just don't understand the game yet.” It’s weird that Liam can’t figure out the rules, but apparently is OK understanding with modern Arabic--it’s the ancient dialects that confuse the hell out of him.