Revenge Movies

Movies about revenge contribute to society in so many ways. By acting out our most vengeful fantasies we don’t end up in jail or worse. There are all kinds of revenge and certainly that’s been captured on film time and time again. Before you pull out your crowbar to take action, perhaps one of these classics can soothe you enough to avoid making some terrible mistakes. Or, maybe the next revenge flick we see might be about you?
Revenge of the Nerds - Jeff Kanew (1984)
 Revenge of the Nerds is the best movie about any subject ever, but certainly revenge is a key factor here. Look at the film’s title for fuck’s sake. But instead of the ubiquitous spewing of hatred and the inevitable hoisting on one’s own petard, what we find here is the realization that we are all victims in a war we can’t ever possibly win, a war within ourselves. And everyone has a soul unless of course you’re John Goodman or that guy who played Jefferson Darcy on Married With Children.  These two takeaways leave plenty of feel-good options. That is, if we ignore the creepy moon-bounce cheerleader rape scene by the nerd in the Darth Vader mask. Never has the existential truth that we’re all fucking losers been so clear. Genius.
Kill Bill - Quentin Tarentino (2003)
 Kill Bill is a glossy high budget Hollywood torture flick of the best kind. The audience loves when they feel righteous indignation of the protagonist, in this case a hot blonde lady. So again, if we ignore the creepy hospital rape scene, there is the feel good aspect of feeling like justice is the unstoppable force of karma and man are the bad guys going to get it. The inter-racial girl-on-girl fight to the death scene’s are great for everyone, guys think of themselves in the midst of a three-way while the ladies fantasize about ripping some bitches eyeball out. But the ultimate climax when she crushes David Carradine’s with her fingertips, that’s some nice revenge. You have five steps to think about how much you are shitty person and how much you deserve this.
Cape Fear - Martin Scorsese (1991)
 All this happy redemptive revenge makes one long for the nasty, obsessive, fucked up psycho coming to punish those who removed him society and kept him from his horrific tasks at hand. Cape Fear comes to mind. First of all, it had Deniro when he could still act, before he became an old leathery caricature of himself, like a not awesome Christopher Walken. But when a convicted rapist gets outta jail looking for the people who put him away, there’s the pure unadulterated bad guy revenge. Dude is tatted up and ready for trouble, who’s gonna stop him?
Carrie - Brian De Palma (1976)
 Ultimately, perhaps the most relatable revenge flick has got to Carrie. In the role of a lifetime Sissy Spacek takes the weird misfit girl to new highs. While most of us will never have our children kidnapped and put in a coma or do heavy jail time, everyone has felt the sting of teenage rejection. Few will ever have the opportunity to enact a deadly black magic murder on the fucking cool kids. It almost makes getting a bucket of pig blood at prom worthwhile. If you can legit go psycho crazy and turn it right back around on em, why not. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned? Man, you don’t wanna be around when a teenage girl finally loses her fucking shit. Don’t fuck with Carrie. You’ll lose.
First Blood – Ted Kotcheff (1982)
 The true first Rambo movie, First Blood is a classic. Revenge really means blowing the fuck out of the world with explosives. John Rambo is a paranoid Vietnam vet who just wanted to live a quiet life in the woods by himself until the local pigs started fucking with him. When the special agents are called to take you down and you got nothing left to lose and all you have if your machine gun, flame thrower and predatory desire to slit the throats of your ememies then its go time. It’s never been done better than here.