Revenge Songs

Revenge songs can be soothing and reassuring. They can also incite crimes of passion and hate. Used well, they will help you get to where need to go. Used improperly they can give you some terrible ideas. However you wanna roll, here's some tunes that say it well. 
Carly Simon - “You’re So Vain” (1972)
 I wonder what kind of song Carly Simon would have written had she been able to predict the Kardashians? After several decades Simon’s anthem for shitheads has reached new levels of relevancy. Now that we have put a cultural premium on vanity, self-delusion and the talentless, this track resounds with newfound conviction year after year. “You’re So Vain” is a timeless ode to all the narcissistic idiots who are convinced their personal drama yields some kind of meaning in their pointless void of consumerism and sex with no sensation. When you are doing yet another bump of coke in your princess private bathroom stall with your euro trash fake friends you think this song is about you. It has to be. Its to the rest of our collective satisfaction that by the time you realize what a useless, horrible piece of shit you are this song will still be playing on a loop in the CVS across the street from your funeral. And that’s all anyone will remember, that you remind them of this obnoxious song.
Black Flag - "You Bet We’ve Got Something Personal Against You" (1980)
Hey man, its just work, you shouldn’t get upset that I talk shit about you behind your back to your boss in a sycophantic ploy to get you fired so I can get promoted. That’s just business, its office culture, nothing personal. Remember that time when I tried to hit on your girlfriend in front of you? Yeah man, its cool, it had nothing to do with you. It’s just natural selection. Remember how I took all your ideas and your whole swag and claimed them as my own and doing a terrible half-assed job with it? Fuck you. You’re a lightweight version of everything and we hate you more than anything. It’s personal, You bet its personal! Black Flag were some rabid beasts that would rip you apart like a pack of wolves while the LA police shoot tear gas.
Ghostface Killah - “Wildflower” (1996)
Ah the subtlety of a poet, Ghostface states his vengeance in the first two bars of this modern tale of romance gone astray. “Yo I fucked your friend/Yeah you stink ho”. Sometimes the best revenge is putting it all out there for a few million people.  What happens when Ghostface’s lady sluts it up when he’s on tour? Homeboy comes home and puts his bitch on blast, reminding her that made her cry when he long-dicked her and broke her ovaries. Remember that? When you consider your cock to be god-like you don’t have time to examine the cause or effect of your actions. Sexually, she worshipped his dick like a cross and that’s the way it’s supposed to be but she couldn’t wait to kidnap the bait of his sperm and that’s some trick-ass shit. Respect that ho.
Metallica- “Creeping Death”- 1984
Back before Bob Rock, Jason Newstead, therapists, rehabs and music videos Metallica were a force to be reckoned with. They got biblical with Ride the Lightning’s “Creeping Death”, a thrash masterpiece that retells the final plague that befell the Egyptians prior to the Jews Exodus; the killing of the first born son. Taking the viewpoint of the angel of death (naturally) Hetfield and Co. storm trooper through the riffs and take it old fashioned wrath of God style revenge.  Revenge can often be celebrated in stadium-sized proportions, no better exemplified here. better than here.