The Greatest YouTube Revenge Pranks

The advent of YouTube has made pranks more extreme and frequent. The standard revenge prank has evolved from pixelated flip phone videos to multi-angle HD movies with elaborate plots. Still, the best videos are the most raw, the ones that actually show the victim being truly surprised.

There's a even whole genre of revenge video, usually between couples, that documents calculated pranks. They do have their charm, but the lack of spontaneity usually makes them less funny. The dialog from these videos even sounds wooden, like it's taken from a porno flick.
Still it's an art and one should appreciate the high and low art of YouTube revenge pranks. Here's the best of the worst.
When guys get their first apartment, their instinct isn't to throw a cool party it's usually to play stupid pranks on each other. Matt was victim to a fairly standard prank where his roommate snuck up on him in a mask.
His revenge prank isn't much more elaborate than his roommates but the results are more effective. Before we even get to the prank there are several things to observe including, the large pinecone on his roommate's desk, what looks like a pencil sharpener (who the fuck uses those anymore?), and of course the American flag pajamas. The PJs are a particularly weird choice since homeboy is a foreign exchange student.
Matt lurks underneath the the desk waiting for his roommate to freak out, as he's one click away from triggering a scream from the Exorcist chick. Once the face pops up, shit gets haywire. His roommate throws a lamp at him before throwing his printer through the window and jumping out. 
It's likely the video is a fake, but two idiots scaring each other is always amusing, especially when one is a Russian.
In researching revenge videos I noticed a high percentage of Scream masks. This appears to the the go-to prop for pranking. Unfortunately for this mischief maker, it's not scaring anyone, including this wigger who is preoccupied with a phone call, probably to buy bad weed.
The ferocity of his punch causes his sagging pants to fall down, but he still has enough mobility to deliver a kick to the prankster. His crooked hat remains perfectly cocked, let's hope he didn't drop the call and was able to score. 

This one is just fucking brutal. I don't like seeing anyone or anything go to the bathroom, and why would you? It's bad enough when a cute puppy makes that awkward stop and drops mud with a guilty look on their face. Seeing this video of Nonnie "Sittin' on the toilet" is hard to get through.

A few years ago, Nonnie posted a picture of the owner of this channel on her MySpace. Nonnie also likes to use the owner's camera to make really unfunny videos of herself (one is just her chewing gum) and posts them on YouTube. 
Nonnie neglected to delete this gem and username Alonzochadwick posted it in 2009. Almost 65 million people have viewed it proving the human race is doomed. I had to post the remix because Alonzochadwick disabled embedding despite being ok with sharing the vid of Nonnie on a toilet. 
This couple are professional pranksters. I'm sure at one point their jokes were kept private, but now they've mastered their art and are teetering on prank porn. Homegirl has no problem just smashing her fake Pauly D boyfriend over the skull with a baking sheet and he gets off on shocking her with an electric dog collar. 
She even kicks him squarely in the balls, which probably hurt more than normal because she was wearing those running shoes with the spring loaded heel. I'm going to guess that they don't have sex.

It's super nice of this husband to show his wife the correct way to handle and respect a gun. Wifey isn't interested in his advice though and is seen sniffing, pointing, and examining the firearm on their back porch. She's also wearing some shirt with a tribal design that's equally disturbing.

How do you teach your wife to respect a dangerous weapon? You sneak behind her and light off some firecrackers obviously! The slow motion on this one is incredible, as is his bragging at the end.